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Falihos is promoted by four like minded young women all hailing from agriculture families. They all grew up liking and living on native foods till they moved to cities for their education in the beginning and to live with their life partners later on. Despite living a decent life, all four young women were missing the original native food of their villages. Often noticing the same craving for native food among majority urban settlers, they decided to deliver the native foods to this population.

The falihos took birth as a start-up to give wings to their vision of reviving the native foods like grains, fruits, vegetables and prepared foods by delivering them to people who are missing them for any reasons. The four young women turned first generation entrepreneurs in their families and started their journey of entrepreneurship without any formal education in agriculture or business management.

Why choose Falihos?

The Native Agri Products are not readily available at affordable prices. “You are what you eat so don’t be Fast, Cheap, Easy or Fake”. In metros, it is very difficult to get the native food products (Heirloom Grains, native fruits, and vegetables). To quote an example, if someone is interested to have good Jowar (Sorghum) or Bajra roti then it is nearly impossible with the kind of flour that is available in local shops. For preparing the fine Jowar Rotis, the Maldandi variety (Mangalwedha jowar) grown in the Vijayapura distrct of Karnataka and Solapur district of Maharashtra is a must. However, none of the shops in Metros can verify and provide this. Similarly, there are many such native foods grown in a particular region. (Ex: Emmer wheat grown only in Vijayapura and Bagalkot Districts of Karnataka, all pulses like green gram, Bengal gram, Chickpea, groundnut etc have a native variety whose grains are smaller in size but they are the powerhouse of nutrients grown only in Rainfed areas). This problem of non-availability of native food products is universal. If we take Rice, it is a cornerstone of our food system, culture, rituals and traditions. India had about 2 lakh varieties of Rice before Green Revolution. Now of the available varieties there are about 400 varieties which are rich in nutrients and have many medicinal properties grown in different parts of the country. To name few, Ambemore, Diabetic rice, Sannakki etc. Falihos will bring these products to people in metro at affordable prices.

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